About Techno Tim

Techno Tim is the brainchild and Nickname of Tim Regester.

Why Techno Tim?
When living in London in the early 1990's and working as a Software Engineer, Project Manager and occasionally IT Manager, in his personal life he was surrounded by music. He developed a taste for early Trance Music and especially Dub. So it was natural that since his day job involved Technology and he loved Techno Music he was increasingly dubbed Techno Tim. It is a name that has stuck to this day.

What does Techno Tim do?
Techno Tim concentrates almost entirely on large complex Websites built using Drupal.
I am also an admin for the increasingly busy and popular Drupal Support Group on Facebook.
That is not all I do, I also mentor and support the Box Office Staff at the Quay Theatre in Sudbury.
I campaign to make Cycling safer for all cyclists in Sudbury, Long Melford and farther afield, garnering support but also treading on the toes of local politicians and bodies where necessary.

What is Drupal?
Drupal is a Content Management System but extends far beyond that, it is a framework that allows an incredible variety of websites to be built, from ECommerce sites where other non Ecommerce content has to be integrated into the site and Ecommerce integrated into standard content to Social Networks, Event Managament and Enterprise Resource Planning.